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Kits to convert Walls and Other Fences into Cat Fences

These kits work well with wood walls and also with fences
  at least 5 feet tall. To convert shorter fences into outdoor cat enclosures,
plan on getting posts in addition to extender arms. Call us at
508-888-8305 to discuss your custom project and
get a free quote.

Sati, McGregor Fence's cat fence kit.

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Kit to Convert Walls, Other Fences to Cat Fences
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a cat fence kit for converting a wall or ordinary fence into a cat fence                              

Kits to Make Cat Fences of Walls or Existing Fences

These kits will covert the sides of wooden buildings, and also wooden fences 5 feet tall or more, into all or part of an outdoor cat enclosure. They come in 100, 200, and 330-foot lengths and can be combined to create a conversion fence of any desired length. Installation instructions included.

Economy Conversion Kits

If you don't need to deal with gates (it takes 4 extender arms to get a conversion kit across a gate) or heavy snow, consider our Economy Conversion Kits. Providing 6 or so extender arms per hundred feet, they work well -- and they cost significantly less than our Deluxe conversion kits. To see all the parts in any Economy Conversion Kit, click on the word "description" below the "add to cart" button for that kit and scroll down below the picture.


Deluxe Conversion Kits

If you DO need to cope with gates or snow, these are the kits for you. They come with enough arms not only to deal with gates and snow but also with termination points, curves, and corners. And while they cost more than our economy conversion kits, they are significantly less expensive than stand-alone kits. So if you have an appropriate fence or wall, they are definitely worth the price. To see all the parts in any Deluxe Conversion Kit, click on the word "description" below the "add to cart" button for that kit and scroll down below the picture.

Conversion Kit Parts

Should you need a few more extender arms, zip ties, or wood screws, you can purchase them here.