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Cat: Conversion Kits

  • Cat Corral Economy Conversion Kit, 330 Feet

    Cat Fence Kit: Converts Wood Fence to a Cat Fence, 100 Feet
    • Product ID: CF-CVKT-330-ECON
    • This 330-foot conversion kit comes with 18 extender arms. It is the right kit for you so long as you anticipate no large snow loads and your fence has few gates (it takes 4 extender arms to cross a gate) and a limited number of corners, turns, and ends. If you need more extender arms you may buy them separately or else purchase our regular cat fence conversion kit of comparable length, which comes with 36 arms. If you purchase arms separately, be sure to get 1 end cap, 2 wall mounts, 3 self-tapping screw, and 4 wood screws for each arm. These parts are available on the same page as the extender arms.

      Included in the 330 Foot Cat Fence Conversion Kit (CF-CNVKIT-330):

      1 roll of polypropylene fencing, heavy duty, 4 x 330 feet (14-63C)
      18 overhang extender arms 1-3/8 inches in diameter, about a 2-foot overhang (CF-EXTARM-CNV)
      18 end caps for extender arms (CF-ENDCAP)
      36 wall mounts for extender arms (CF-WALLMNT)
      200 eight-inch strong black zip-lock ties (17-04)
      72 one-and-a-half-inch wood screws (CF-SCREW-WOOD-12)
      60 self-tapping screws  (CF-SCREW-12)
      Easy and complete installation instructions


      Our Price: $819.95
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